1. Work skillfully and productively in projects and defects.
  2. Show self-discipline towards company’s Rules and Regulations.
  3. Follow strictly on departments policies implemented.
  4. Require to work overtime as and when required.
  5. Switch on and off all electrical points (accessible to us) before and after business hours.
  6. Receive orders from Maintenance Supervisor / Operations Executive / Manager Building Services on all maintenance defects and rectify immediately.
  7. Perform general repairs, fabricates, installations, operation and preventive maintenance duties in regard to electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning, fire protection, carpentry, plumbing, measuring, painting, kitchen equipment, sound and MATV system and associated system.
  8. Record all utilities and machine reading and etc per operation log sheets provided.
  9. Perform general routine inspection of Company’s vital operating machines, equipment and public lightings as to ensure smooth operating per schedule.
  10. Maintain workshop tools, equipment and all related maintenance areas in clean and neat condition at all times.
  11. Attend complaints with repairs and maintenance orders, or urgent top priority jobs through phone calls from other department or tenant without delay.
  12. Providing proper record on whatever work done into the daily communication book provided before end of your duty as per daily checklist/daily inspection.
  13. To perform any other duties set by the company policy management or his direct superiors and not included in the above job descriptions.
  14. Check through all common tools and keys and make report incase if deviated from pre-set lists.


  1. Minimum 2-3 years of related experience
  2. Able to multitask and work independently with minimum supervision
  3. Candidate with a Professional Certificate in Electrical, air-conditioning, plumbing or equivalent would be an added advantage.
  4. To be able to work in a neat and efficient manner, keeping work areas clean and well organized.
  5. Ability to multi-task in busy environment and adheres to Company’s Standard Operating Procedures.
  6. Able to works shifts and be able to respond to emergency calls during nights
Job Summary
Kuching, Sarawak.
Minimum 2-3 years of related experience
Professional Certificate in Electrical, air-conditioning, plumbing or equivalent would be an added advantage.
Full time
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