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Limar Management Services Sdn. Bhd. (032041-A) provides management services to the Limar Group of Companies. The Group employs more than 480 employees and is engaged in the following business activities:

Property Investment & Development

LIMAR Property is the property arm of LIMAR Group. Our group is primarily involves in real estate investment through acquisition, development and management of hospitality, retail, commercial, research & development and residential assets.



We are a compact neighbourhood commercial centre built in remembrance of the late Tun Jugah – who was a patriot and a national hero engaged in the independence and formation of Malaysia.

The centre is strategically located within the Golden Triangle in the Central Business District of Kuching. Bordered by corporate offices and a stone throw away from leading financial institutions, international hotels and tourism attractions such as Kuching Waterfront, China Town, etc.

Tun Jugah has 3 levels of retail and 9 levels of office suites, and 2 levels of parking with a Gross Built-Up Area of 112,000sft.



Pascali Residences

Framed by tropical greenery amid peaceful natural surroundings, Pascali Residences is Kuching’s newest design-led, luxury community enclave, located in a lush green belt in the heart of Sarawak’s capital city.

Designed by renowned international architects, the 5-storey building comprises 22 units of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom residences. It offers an array of curated facilities and recreational spaces, such as a concierge service, state-of-the-art gym, 50m infinity pool and function room.

For more information, please visit pascaliresidences.com



Serega, Senera, Senaya Town Houses area superb spacious house of character and charm of which each unit comfortably sleeps 6. The 3 Town Houses namely SEREGA, SENERA and SENAYA, each with a different identity of its kind. The Town Houses are set in an exclusive location on Bukit Hantu Road. This secure property is set just minutes from the Kuching Town, 5 minutes away from commercial shopping area and 20 minutes away from the Kuching International Airport. The location of the Batu Lintang house is tranquil and private. The house is approached along its own secured, automated gate driveway with a spacious parking space.




A lucrative licensed brand of Tune Hotels, it offers a unique and effective way to reach a wide spectrum of customers, with its marketing tactic of “5-star sleeping experience at 1-star price”.

Tune Hotels Waterfront Kuching opened on 2nd March 2009, offers guests excellent value with a convenient location and good-quality, comfortable guestrooms at very low prices. The Hotel is strategically located close to major shopping, sightseeing and business destinations.

Additional to those the positive aspects of the said location includes:-

  • In front of Hilton hotel
  • Located at the heart of Kuching City Centre
  • In Waterfront Kuching surrounded by great shopping & nightlife
  • 15 mins from Kuching International Airport



Operated by Tanah Bungas Sdn Bhd (49993-T)
Situated in the heart of Kapit Town, the hotel is 5 minutes driving from wharf, the landing and taking-off point of river transportation for both down and up river travelers and commuters.
‘Meligai’ or ‘Padong’ in Iban is a living quarter or a room within the longhouse constructed exclusively for beautiful and highly adored maidens to stay with all the privileges of a princess. The hotel being the only one and situated higher than any other buildings at that time was most appropriately named Meligai where visitors would stay and treated with Iban hospitality.

Hotel Meligai built in late 70’s, is the product of one of the families of earliest Iban migrants to Rajang Basin, the late Tun Jugah anak Baring, who finally settled in Kapit.

Oil Palm Plantations

KERESA PLANTATIONS SDN BHD (74447-V) is a local bumiputra company with about 24 years of experience in oil palm plantation. Currently, Keresa owns 8,551 hectares of oil palm plantation at Lavang Land District, Bintulu, which started operation in 1996. As of 2020, all 8,551 hectares categorized as matured. Having a yield rate of 23 tonne per hectare, current FFB production is reaching 198,000 tonnes per annum.

For more information:
Visit www.keresa.com.my

Bio Technology Research & Development


Malesiana Tropicals

Operated by Malesiana Tropicals Sdn Bhd (467897-D)

Malesiana Tropicals based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, is a laboratory and nursery facility devoted to the micropropagation of a variety of ornamental and rare tropical plants. We specialize in unusual species from the Malesian region such as tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes) and shield leaf plants (Alocasia).

Malesiana Tropicals was established in 1998 with the goal of assisting in the preservation and conservation of the region’s botanical diversity. Following the success of this initiative, Malesiana Tropicals expanded its activities to be become a fully fledged biotechnology company and is now undertaking research and development in agricultural and forestry crops. Working closely with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, we have developed a large stock of CITES-certified laboratory-grown plants.

For more information:

visit www.malesiana.com


Borneo Plant Technology

Operated by Borneo Plant Technology Sdn Bhd (637001-A)

Borneo Plant Technology (bpt) is a startup majority owned Bumiputera company, based in Kuching, Sarawak. bpt is mainly dedicated to the commercialization of Iban ethnobotanical knowledge in the form of novel nutraceuticals and herbal medicines.

In an effort to develop products that combine the traditional wisdom of the past with cutting-edge technologies of the future, the company has acquired the exclusive license for the territory of Malaysia for a new technology developed in the UK (Total Quality Profiling – TQP™) that for the first time allows the standardization of medicinal herbs and herbal medicines in a truly adequate and concise manner to enable potential levels of consistency in composition, safety and efficacy in herbs and herbal products so far only thought possible for western prescription medicines.

For more information:

Visit borneo-plant-technology.com

Charitable Organizations

The Group is also involved in the running of the following charitable organizations:


The TUN JUGAH FOUNDATION (Yayasan Tun Jugah) was registered on the 29th day of January 1985, under the Societies Act, 1966 (13 of 1966). The Foundation is a charitable organization. It is managed by a Board of Management, and run by an administrative personnel.

For more information:

Visit www.tunjugahfoundation.org.my

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