Production Manager

Job Descriptions:-

  1. The Production Manager is to manage the team & task for maximum possible production efficiency in relationship to productivity & cost effectiveness.
  2. Overseeing production process and ensuring that every process meet quality standards.
  3. To schedule day to day works to meet daily target & eventually meeting delivery deadline.
  4. Plan material handling & flow to minimize damages & double handling time.
  5. To ensure the workplace safety, staffs health & safety in every work process, material storages & eradicate hazardous work condition in production floor.
  6. Develop continuous improvement plan to achieve production daily/weekly/monthly target.
  7. Manpower management & planning to ensure sufficient manpower to meet deadline & quality standard.
  8. Effective inventory control to ensure zero production disruption.
  9. Plan for periodic maintenance of tools & machineries. Implement new tooling & machineries to improve processes, gain in productivity &/or improvement in quality.
  10. Conduct skill training or upgrading skill program to staffs. This include training in operating a new machinery, training on a new work process or task. To work with HR to provide financial incentives to motivate the workers in their ability to perform the new task meeting production targets & quality.
  11. Preparation of reports for Monthly Operational Meeting and report to management for circumstances beyond control.
  12. To prepare monthly production plan, mechanisms, material preparation and report to management.
  1. Improve operational management systems, processes, and implement best practices.
  1. Organization’s processes remain legally compliant.
Job Summary
Yun Ming Wood Industries Sdn Bhd
Yun Ming Wood Industries Sdn Bhd, Jalan Siburan
5 years experience in production management, preferably in a furniture factory or in related field.
Diploma in Technical field or Technical Management or related field is a plus.
Full time
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