Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the laboratory within the palm oil mill. This may include overseeing sample testing, analysis, and reporting of results.
  2. Conducting quality control tests on various parameters such as moisture content, oil content, free fatty acid (FFA) levels, impurities, and other quality indicators.
  3. Responsible for proper sample collection, preparation, and analysis using standard laboratory techniques and equipment.
  4. Maintaining detailed records of sample information, test results, and any other relevant data. This information is crucial for traceability, quality control, and compliance purposes.
  5. Responsible for the maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment. This includes ensuring that instruments are properly calibrated, maintained, and serviced to ensure accurate and reliable results.
  6. Prepare reports summarizing test results, trends, and any deviations from quality standards and responsible for communicating these findings to the Management.
  7. Identifying areas for improvement in laboratory processes, procedures, and methodologies. To contribute to the development and implementation of improved testing methods and quality control practices.
  8. Daily involvement in mill process control.
  9. Follow safety guidelines, maintain proper laboratory hygiene, handle hazardous materials appropriately, and comply with environmental and mill regulations.
Job Summary
Keresa Mill Sdn Bhd
Bintulu Sarawak
Minimum of 5 years of working experience in managing palm oil mill laboratory.
Degree holders in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Science, or any other related discipline
Full time
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