Security Executive


  • Responsible for the overall security management of Tun Jugah Center as well as Kuching Plaza and other properties (within Kuching) including the car park as well as external areas and access roads.
  • Recommend and implement security policies, procedures, plans and operational guidelines to meet Company objectives on maintaining the highest standards of security and safety for occupants and visitors of Tun Jugah Mall and Kuching Plaza.
  • Protect Company and occupants’ assets from internal and external theft.



  • To plan, schedule and allocate work to the various entities and persons within the department to meet the Company’s security objectives.
  • To identify the potential risk areas and address the risks through introducing procedures and affirmative action.
  • To assist in drafting policies applicable to the security department
  • To provide leadership and direction in guiding security Supervisors in allocating work and roster duties for security personnel and ensure efficient time management to maximize productivity.



  • To enforce supervision, discipline and work ethic overall security personnel
  • Formulate/conduct regular in-house security training
  • To monitor employee performance and productivity through “walking the floor” and through regular feedback from the executives and supervisors



  • To build and maintain good rapport with the local police and solicit their assistance and cooperation in addressing, resolving and preventing criminal activities within and around the vicinity of the centre.
  • To liaise with the local police in keeping track of prevalent criminal activities in the area, with the aim of preventing the centre from becoming a target for such activities.



  • To create and maintain a system that systematically addresses reports on security issues and ensure speedy and tactful resolution and non-recurrence of security violations.
  • To ensure sufficient security coverage and surveillance of high risk areas
  • To implement procedures to ensure that Company and tenants’ properties are kept secure and not removed without authorization (theft prevention).
  • To investigate and report on security violations, thefts and other unusual incidents or any suspicious activities.
  • To plan course of action in emergencies such as fires, robberies, accidents and other hazards, and to take a proactive lead in crisis management.
  • Conduct daily morning briefings with all security personnel.



  • Make recommendations to the Management on all matters where the security of the centre can be improved.
  • Review and revise Standard Operating Procedures on an ongoing basis so as to ensure they remain valid in changing circumstances.



  • An ex-Police Officer (not below the rank of Inspector of Police) or from the Army (not below the rank of Warrant Officer)
  • Professionally trained in security with substantial experience. Knowledge and experience in civilian security operations and added advantage
  • Computer literate (Microsoft Office)
  • Strong leadership and mentoring skills
  • Excellent communication (written & oral) and interpersonal skills


Job Summary
Tun Jugah Management Corporation
Full time
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